Hujjat Harefield

The next chapter for our community.
Endless growth potential.

Centre of Excellence

A fantastically ready built-up complex which has presented us with a golden opportunity to establish a Center of Excellence that will meet the multi generational needs of our global community.

Endless potential

Over 135,000 sq ft of internal space enables us to offer a variety of facilities all on the same site, potentially ranging from a nursery for our future generations to a business hub for our budding entrepreneurs to luxurious living for our seniors.

Annual Income

An income of £1.542m from current commercial tenants gives us the opportunity to achieve long term sustainability and provide an array of services to our community.

Hujjat Harefield Legacy Scheme

Sowing the seeds for future generations

Having completed the purchase with the assistance of a commercial interest-only mortgage from the Co-Op for £14.1 m, we now need to repay this loan so as make Hujjat a debt-free community.

This Community Centre is a centre open to all and so we’re asking all supporters of Hujjat, individual households and businesses alike, to sign up to the Hujjat Legacy direct debit scheme. The Hujjat Legacy scheme gives an opportunity to each and every household and business, to donate a manageable monthly amount that will allow us to collectively meet our goal.

Your Direct Debit will come out on the last day of the month

We’re asking all our supporters to assist us in reducing the loans undertaken by participating in the Hujjat Legacy progam so that future generations have a community centre which caters to all their needs without the financial burdens.

We have 2,500 families in the Hujjat community and so if at an average donation of £150 per month per household/ business we’ll be able to clear our mortgage with the Co-Op which will go a long way to keeping Hujjat in a financially strong position.

Some will be able to give a little less and others a lot more BUT TOGETHER we can make this happen. We have proposed eight different options for direct debit giving based on your own ability. Please select the option that works best for you.

Alternatively, if there is any other sum that you would be more comfortable giving, then please use this link to donate.

It is our intention to install the Hujjat Legacy Trees within the Community Centre at Harefield once it is officially opened. These trees will be designed such that for every direct debit signed for of £150 or more, we will have your marhumeen’s names placed on a leaf

The Hujjat Legacy Trees will serve as a constant reminder to all visitors to the Community Centre in Harefield of the hard work and effort employed by so many supporters of Hujjat.

Why Harefield?

An opportunity with endless potential

Support Us With Your Khums

To aid our efforts, we are humbled to have received the Khums Ijaza from his eminence, Ayatullah Syed Ali Hussein As- Sistani (May Allah (SWT) prolong his life), via the offices of The World Federation. The permission for Ijaza was facilitated by our regional federation, The Council of European Jamaats. This endorsement allows us to use Khums towards partial funding of the Hujjat Harefield project of up to £14 Million.  You can see our Ijaza from The World Federation, here.

Under the permission of the Ijaza of Ayatollah al Uzma Syed Ali Hussein Al Sistani we are able to accept Khums donations towards the buildings for community use at Hujjat Harefield in two ways.

The full amount of Khums [Sehme Imam A.T.F.S and Sehme Sadat] can be donated to Hujjat, whereby the Sehme Sadat portion will be remitted to CoEJ and the balance Sehme Imam A.T.F.S will be put towards the Hujjat Harefield project.

If you choose to only donate the Sehme Imam A.T.F.S portion of your Khums towards the project, then 50% of your donation will be put towards the Hujjat Harefield project and the balance will be remitted to CoEJ. A receipt will be issued from Agha’s office via CoEJ, in due course.