Al Haadi Youth

The youth are the vibrant, ever-smiling future of our community. They bring joy, character and a new identity to our community. Nurturing the youth and empowering them to become the next generation of lovers of the 12th Imam is crucial for the survival of this community.

Since its inception, Al Haadi Youth have worked tirelessly and successfully to empower, engage and support the youth of our community. It is their efforts that have brought more youth to the forefront and kept this generation attached to our community.

Hujjat Harefield offers a facility that will do nothing but boost the efforts of Al Haadi Youth and ensure their success in their mission. With added facilities such as Sports, Study and Religious spaces, the possibilities are truly endless for Al Haadi Youth. It is important that as the organisation grows and continues to be successful, we as a community can support their efforts by equipping them with a centre befitting and suiting to their needs, Hujjat Harefield is proud to offer just that.

Let’s Build Together!

For a better future