Hujjat Bookshop

Knowledge is life and a cure
– Imam Ali (a.s).

The seeking of knowledge in Islam has never been downplayed, it is indeed a message that has been relayed through our Imams and now even our esteemed scholars. We are privileged to have an excellent bookshop at Hujjat which offers hundreds of books in a range of genres and tackles a plethora of topics. However, the potential for our bookshop is far greater.

With a property like Harefield the possibilities are indeed endless – we will be able to have a bookshop truly befitting our religion, with thousands of books on display and available for purchase, we are not only enabling our community to follow the guidance of our Ahlulbayt (a.s) and increase their knowledge, but also ensuring our reward with Allah SWT. We are currently limited with the number of books and materials we are able to have on display and available for our community.

Hujjat Harefield dreams that this will no longer be the case. It is indeed our vision to make Hujjat Bookshop into a Hujjat Library and with Hujjat Harefield, this vision is edging closer day by day.

Let’s Build Together!

For a better future