Hujjat Outreach Programme

The Hujjat community has a long history of voluntarily stepping up to provide assistance to those in need and bringing the local community into their home.

The exemplary services being provided by Who is Hussain, Hand on Heart and Sufra are some of the finest charitable organisations that help the homeless up and down the country, though were born out of Hujjat, they now thrive independently.

Throughout the period of Covid lockdowns our community of volunteers came together to under the banner of Hujjat Helping Hands and provided a multitude of services, from delivering over 30,000 meals during the Holy month of Ramadhan to providing lunches to vulnerable children stuck at home.

How would Harefield benefit the Hujjat Helping Hands? Simply allowing us to have a dedicated space for food bank drop offs or clothes collection or somewhere people can drop in for a chat because let’s be honest a Hujjat chai can really help after a long day! We want our wider Harefield neighbours to feel included in our community.

Let’s Build Together!

For a better future