Islamic Education

Education is at the core of our Islamic principles. We are told from our Aimmah, our elders and our books that learning about your religion should be at the forefront of all our efforts to reach closeness to Allah SWT. This journey begins when we are in our childhood, through various different avenues.

We have been blessed with over 25 years of service from our Islamic education programs, through countless hours dedicated to the education and betterment of our children. From teaching core fiqh principles such as Salaat to learning the correct way of reciting the Quran and even delving into the study of Islamic Studies at GCSE. Our Programs have come leaps and bounds in its growth.

With Hujjat Harefield we will be able to have our own space for these programs with an even bigger capacity and an opportunity to make them truly feel like an Islamic hub for learning. With the availability to have our own displays on the wall, enjoin in prayer as a school in the Imambargah and most importantly, be able to teach more children than ever. Hujjat Harefield is indeed the next step for our flourishing education program.

Let’s Build Together!

For a better future